Birth Photography Class FAQ


Details about the E-Book

This E-Book and class is for students who have a basic knowledge of a DSLR and are wanting to make the jump to shooting in manual if they haven’t already. It focuses on how to book and shoot births, and how to run a birth photography business. It looks at the technical details of lighting, shooting, and editing births. The class also touches on subjects of unfriendly care providers, emergency situations, putting your personal life in order so you can live the on-call life, what equipment is best, reaching out to the community to book births, and more.

The registration is good for one student only, please do not share with anyone else.

It is a 50+ page guide, broken down into 5 chapters, and they will be delivered via Dropbox within 24 hours of purchase.

Each lesson is written by Melissa and professionally edited, and includes many example photos pertaining to the current lesson, complete with settings listed for the photos.

Payment Information

Payment must be made in full to receive the guide and be added to the discussion group. You may pay through the paypal button on my website. (Password protected for students who are signing up) Once I have received your payment, you will be added to the Facebook Class group. There will be no refunds once the E-Book is delivered.

You must e-sign a general contract, all material is copyrighted by Melissa Cate Photography and is not to be reproduced or shared.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much is this E-Book?


I live outside of the US, can I still purchase it?

Yes! Since everything is online, students all around the world can join! I’ve had students from Australia, The Philippines, South Africa, England, France, New Zealand, and more! 

How is the E-book delivered delivered?

The Book is delivered via PDF documents to your e-mail via Drop Box. Feel free to save, back up, do whatever to save them forever.

How long does the discussion group remain open?

As long as it is active!


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