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The Birth of Nick

In the wee hours of the morning one warm Summer night, the call came in that one of my sweet repeat clients was hot andView full post »

What IS Birth Photography?

I have a confession. I’m terrible at keeping up with my website. Between actually attending births, editing, andView full post »

The Homebirth of Twins – Oregon Birth Photographer

I was so excited for this birth, because after 67 births, these would be my first set of twins! These girls wereView full post »

Twins Born at Home

I will take the time to post a full blog about this amazing, wonderful, peaceful birth! But for now, just a teaser. MamaView full post »

Melissa Cate Photography in the Media

I was recently interviewed by the BBC World News Spanish section. It’s so fun to see birth photography making it&#View full post »

A Placenta Heart

Placenta’s are an amazing organ. With the ability to sustain life for 9 months, it also has the ability to be madeView full post »

Birth of Georgette – Southern Oregon Birth Photographer

This first time mama had a speedy labor and pushed under 30 minutes before her beautiful baby girl came into the world.View full post »

VBAC of Chloe – Southern Oregon Birth Photographer

One Saturday I was headed to the birth center to film a childbirth class. I noticed the birth center calling as wasView full post »

Jemma’s Breech Homebirth

The Breech Homebirth of Jemma      It was a regular Wednesday for my two year old daughter, Eden and me. We decidedView full post »

Babies of 2012

Here are some of the highlights of the 46 beautiful births I photographed in 2012. What an amazing, amazing year. ThankView full post »

Birth of Asher 9.24.2012 – Sourthern Oregon Birth Photographer

I arrived to the birth center just about an hour before this little guy was born. His mama was so calm and gentlyView full post »

You Know You’re a Birth Photographer If…

You Know You’re a Birth Photographer if… *You lay your scrubs out every night, down to the socks & shoesView full post »

Breech Homebirth of Jemma 8.16.12 – Oregon Birth Photographer

I had been anxiously awaiting Jemma’s birth, her mama is a doula at the birth center I work at so I was excited toView full post »

Birth of Issac 8.5.2012 – Southern Oregon Birth Photographer

This first time mama sailed through her 8 hours of labor very gracefully. She was very in tune to how her body wasView full post »