Why Prints? Why can’t I just have all my photos on a disc?

In this digital world, so many of our memories are left on a hard drive that fails or a disc that gets lost. As a wife, mother, and business woman I know how difficult it can be to even find time to have prints made. If you are like me, if it doesn’t get done right away, it is put on the back burner for weeks until it is forgotten. I love to give my clients beautiful custom artwork to hang in their homes and put into timeless albums. The prints you receive from me are guaranteed for a lifetime – if a hard drive fails or a disc gets lost in the shuffle, you still have beautiful, professional art. When your prints are printed from my professional printer, I can guarantee they come out looking exactly like they should – when they are printed at a retail store (like Target or Costco), I have no control over the colors or paper or quality. The difference between professional prints and retail prints is incredible – once you have professional prints in your home, you will never want to go back.

Professional prints also make wonderful gifts for Great Grandparents who might not be as computer savvy as the rest of us. If you want to share your photos with friends or family through e-mail or facebook, you are always welcome to tag yourself in photos from my facebook fan page, or link them directly to my website where your pictures will be. You will also have a private viewing gallery you can link anyone to. However, I also know how nice it is to have your favorite images on a disc so you can reprint them 5 or 10 years down the road without having to track me down. So all of my packages include at least a few high resolution images on a disc. Just make sure continue to update the way your digital files are stored – it wouldn’t do any good now if all your pictures were stored on a floppy disk, and soon CD’s and DVD’s will probably be a thing of the past as well!


How do you come up with prices?

MCP is my career and means of income. It’s how I put food on the table and clothes on my children. I strive to provide prices that allow any budget to have professional photos done, while still making enough income to keep my home and business running. The income from my photography business covers everything from gas, to self employment taxes, to business equipment and childcare. After our 1-2 hour session together (or 4-8 hours if you are getting married or giving birth), I spend hours editing your images, getting your gallery ready, and placing your print order.


When and how should I pay?

My studio is set up to accept payment by cash, check, debit or credit card. You may pay anytime before your session, but payment is due at the end of your session, and no images can be processed before payment is received. Deposits are required before your spot will be held. If you want pictures but are worried payment will be a problem, please contact me and we will discuss a payment plan or payment options! I want everyone to have a chance to receive images.


Do I need to bring my own props to a newborn session?

No! Our studio is fully furnished with props for you to pick and choose from! However, I always welcome any special prop you want your little one to be photographed with!


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