Melissa Cate Photography is Expanding!



Melissa Cate Photography was founded in 2010 with the dream of someday being a full time birth photography company. With an entry-level DSLR camera and a small bit of knowledge of photography, I dove into the world of photography. It quickly exceeded my expectations in growth and popularity.  Since shooting my first birth 5 years ago, I have shot 115 births, 30+ newborns, and countless baby bellies (With weddings, families, and children thrown in the mix as well). I’ve also had 2 more children of my own. I’ve loved this career of documenting births. It’s the main part of my business, and continues to be the central focus of Melissa Cate Photography. It’s time consuming yet rewarding.

For two years, I have been formulating an idea to add another photographer to the business. Adding another photographer means we can take on more births, and it also means I can take time off if I need it. And how much better are two photographers than one?! Of course, it’s not easy to find another birth photographer with the time to dedicate to being on call and the skills to put into learning birth photography. I feel so lucky to have found a second photographer to add to my expanding business. I started taking her to births with me in 2012, and she  filmed the birth of my third baby in October. (If you want a videographer for your birth, she’s your girl!). Nothing will change if you are a client of MCP – you will still receive the same style and edited photos as you always have. You will book one of us, and the photographer you book will be the one to document your birth. (In other words, we don’t take “call shifts”, we take clients and stick with them) I am proud to introduce Melissa Cate Photography’s second photographer, Krystle Bowen.



Krystle is very excited to join the Melissa Cate Photography Team. She is the Mom of three spunky boys, including a set of twins, and has been married to her best friend for 12 years. Outside of photography she is passionate about teenagers and enjoys volunteering at church and at the local teen Mom home. The first time she attended a birth, she was hooked. It is one of the most magical experiences a photographer can experience and she is honored to be a part of the birth photography team at Trillium Waterbirth Center.

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