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    I am Melissa, the photographer of Melissa Cate Photography. I am passionate about documenting birth and the transition into Motherhood. I am blessed to be a birth photographer in lovely Southern Oregon. Documenting the birth journey of women and babies is one of the greatest joys a photographer can have, and we respect the beauty and sanctity of the moments you chose to have us document.

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    Why Birth Photography?
    by Melissa

    I had my first daughter eight years ago. It is a day that will forever be close to my heart, evoking some of the most powerful emotions of love, triumph, and euphoria I have ever known. At the time I did not know birth photography existed. I wish I had. I was lucky to have a nurse take photos for us as our daughter was entering our world. And I love the photos - I looked at them hundreds of times in the months after she was born. I studied the time stamp to understand exactly when moments happened. I looked carefully at each photo to remember the conversations that took place, what I was feeling in the moment. It was easier to piece together little details by looking at the photos. I still look at them and soak in the amazing moments we experienced meeting our daughter for the first time. But they were shot with a little point and shoot camera, and even though the photos I do have are so precious to me, I wish I had more. So much more.

    As I learned from first hand experience, hiring a birth photographer is usually not the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about birth plans, and the thought of someone photographing such a personal and private moment can be intimidating. But once that amazing little miracle is in your arms, the overwhelming desire to freeze each moment in time takes over.

    Your birth team does not have to worry about fumbling with a camera, or worry about missing out on first moments because they are behind the camera. Let a professional document each moment, tastefully and discreetly. Someone who has years of birth work experience, and will attend your birth calmly and quietly, documenting the first look, the first time you examine tiny baby fingernails, the first moment you smell the perfectly new baby smell.

Birth of Kai 3.3.2012 – Southern Oregon Birth Photographer

All along, Papa predicted Kai would be born on March 3rd. And he was right! Tina had an incredible labor, and handled it like a pro. She politely asked for whatever she needed and stayed calm and collected the entire time. Tina’s mom and husband were an amazing support system, and after baby was born she said the only way she made it through was having her mom to hang on to – literally. When it came time to push, she moved to the birth stool, and Papa helped catch their beautiful little boy. Kai was showered with kisses immediately, and even proud Grandpa came in right away to admire his new grandson. It was one of those births that is filled with so much love and joy, it’s contagious. Not to mention it was a beautiful day bursting with sunshine – a perfect day to be born!



D Family and Maternity Shoot – Southern Oregon Maternity Photographer


I shot this adorable family on a beautiful afternoon in full sun.  I had an absolute blast shooting mama’s perfect belly and the toddlers spunky happiness. At one point a train blasted by, and since we were standing very close to the tracks, I expected him to panic at the loud rumbling and blaring whistle. (Hey, it was loud for me!) But quite the opposite – he giggled with excitement and pointed over and over at the train! I am anxiously waiting to shoot the birth of their surprise baby in about 3 weeks. I love shooting a surprise gender birth!



Birth of Thatcher 2.23.12 – Southern Oregon Birth Photographer

I arrived at the birth of this little guy about ninety minutes before he was born. He was baby #2 for his mama and daddy, and he came quickly and easily for them. He was born in the caul – which was an amazing experience to photograph, and the first time I have witnessed a baby born like that. Cultures around the world say babies born in the caul are healers, shamans, prophets, and more. Baby Thatcher came out so calm and collected, except for the occasional pout of his lip, which was so precious I couldn’t get enough of. It was an honor to be there for such a special birth!

June 26, 2012 - 3:49 pm

Sapana - – I love how serene that first image is and the ligthing. Beautiful moment. Darling baby even though she made you work, you cannot tell. You did fabulous!November 2, 2011 7:22 am

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Hello and Welcome to my new website! Everything is still under construction, but we are excited to have this up and running! Thanks so much for stopping by! Please come again soon, and for now I’ll leave you with a sweet little face…


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Tom Bieber - That is one beautiful little girl!! Wow.

February 29, 2012 - 7:51 am

Josh Droullard - In a world where anyone with a camera and a Facebook page calls them selfs a professional photographer, you are among the few who deserve the title. Such an artist!

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Julie - SO precious!!!

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Samantha Jones - She’s A Cutie Pie He He! Your Website Is Wonderful & The Work You Do & The Effort You Put Into Your Work Is Amazing Well Done, It’s A Shame I’m In London United Kingdom As I’d Have Loved Having You At My Births xxxx