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    I am Melissa, the photographer of Melissa Cate Photography. I am passionate about documenting birth and the transition into Motherhood. I am blessed to be a birth photographer in lovely Southern Oregon. Documenting the birth journey of women and babies is one of the greatest joys a photographer can have, and we respect the beauty and sanctity of the moments you chose to have us document.

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    Why Birth Photography?
    by Melissa

    I had my first daughter eight years ago. It is a day that will forever be close to my heart, evoking some of the most powerful emotions of love, triumph, and euphoria I have ever known. At the time I did not know birth photography existed. I wish I had. I was lucky to have a nurse take photos for us as our daughter was entering our world. And I love the photos - I looked at them hundreds of times in the months after she was born. I studied the time stamp to understand exactly when moments happened. I looked carefully at each photo to remember the conversations that took place, what I was feeling in the moment. It was easier to piece together little details by looking at the photos. I still look at them and soak in the amazing moments we experienced meeting our daughter for the first time. But they were shot with a little point and shoot camera, and even though the photos I do have are so precious to me, I wish I had more. So much more.

    As I learned from first hand experience, hiring a birth photographer is usually not the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about birth plans, and the thought of someone photographing such a personal and private moment can be intimidating. But once that amazing little miracle is in your arms, the overwhelming desire to freeze each moment in time takes over.

    Your birth team does not have to worry about fumbling with a camera, or worry about missing out on first moments because they are behind the camera. Let a professional document each moment, tastefully and discreetly. Someone who has years of birth work experience, and will attend your birth calmly and quietly, documenting the first look, the first time you examine tiny baby fingernails, the first moment you smell the perfectly new baby smell.

Newborn Rachel First Look – Southern Oregon Newborn Photographer

I am no less then 32 shoots behind on blogging. Actually, I haven’t counted because I’m horrified at how far behind I am. But my hours have been taken up with birth, newborn shoots, family shoots, holidays, my family, my kiddos, and more births. My facebook page is fully updated, it takes considerably less time to post a few images. We are heading on vacation at the end of the month, and I plan on updating my poor abandoned website!

I really don’t know where to start catching up – so I’ll start with the sweetie I had in my studio this morning! Just seven days old, not only is she gorgeous, but she is my brand new niece! I have had the honor of documenting her in the womb, her grand entrance into this world, and now her newborn days! So without further ado, I introduce to the world, Rachel.


Newborn Lifestyle, R Family – Southern Oregon Family Photographer

I had the privilege of photographing this sweet baby girl come into the world (and her mama did SO well. She basically breathed her baby down and out!). They were such a sweet family, and I was thrilled when the booked some newborn lifestyle photos. Newborn Lifestyle have come to be some of my favorite sessions recently, because the sessions are so simple and so stunning all at the same time. The dynamics of a new family, brand new parents, and a beautiful newborn create stunning portraits. I say they are simple, because other then some very minimal posing, I simply shoot the family as they are – admiring the new life they created. Sweet baby A slept through the first part of the session, until we decided to changer her outfit and she had a bit of a protest about that. But by then we had already photographed everything we wanted, so she was able to nurse happily back to sleep, which also provided some very sweet photos. I also loved the color of shirt Papa wore, it perfectly said “I’m a new dad, and proud of it” with its intricate yet delicate pattern and soft blue color. (So, when I say I hear voices in my head, it’s just clothes speaking to me, no big deal).

J Family Session

When Ashley called me for family photos and said she wanted the new location I had just started shooting at, I warned her it was a bit…back to nature. What with the millions of burrs and tromping through the sticky milkweed, and slight possibility of snakes (just Gardner or Bull, of course.) But she was not afraid, and we headed out there one Sunday evening to shoot during Golden Hour. (Seriously, when I took my husband and kids for a test shoot there, he called it a “death march” and warned me clients would never want to go there! Well, I came back and told him Ashley’s family handled it like pros, and their 17 month old thought it was a playground). Their little guy did so well! We broke out some bubbles and some Gerber puffs and he basically sailed right through the session. (And we did not come across any snakes!) It is a gorgeous location to shoot at, and I’m happy they were not afraid of a little roughed up. I promised to clone out all the burrs on their pantle

gs, and I did. (-: