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 There is non-refundable deposit due to secure any session date. Deposits go towards your session fee. 

Birth (Packages starting at $695, $300 deposit required to hold your due date)


     The birth package covers unlimited hours of labor. You may pick how much postpartum coverage you want, including adding on a sibling or fresh baby package. Please contact MCP for the full package details.  No matter what package you choose, you will receive all your edited photos on USB. Your birth client information packet will be sent digitally when you book your birth, and will include all the information you need to know about my on call time, contacting me, how long I stay, special birth circumstances, and more.


Maternity ($395, $100 deposit required to hold your date)

       Maternity sessions are typically done between 30-37 weeks, depending on when mama chooses to have them done. They are done outside, and typically near the water somewhere. (Though is obviously not a requirement). I shoot during the  hours at the end of the day, when the sun casts a beautiful golden light on everything as it  is setting. You will receive all your edited photos on USB.

Fresh Baby ($325, $100 deposit required to hold your date)


        This session is photographed within the first 48 hours, at the place of birth. It’s the perfect option for a family who wants to capture the sweet newness of meeting baby, and all the little details of their fresh new baby without booking a full birth session. If you have a homebirth, I coordinate with your midwife to also photograph one of the new baby  baby checks. There is a special sweetness about having pictures of all the events specific to the first hours of a baby’s life.


Lifestyle Newborn ($395, $100 deposit required to hold your date)


     Newborn sessions are done between 6-14 days of life. It’s the perfect time to capture the sweet sleepy baby photos, extended family snuggling baby, and the newness of settling in as a new family. I come to your home for all newborn sessions. I do a mix of some light posing and lifestyle shots during a newborn session, and you will receive all of your edited photos on USB.











February 24, 2013 - 2:31 pm

Lacey Calkins - Hi,
My name is Lacey and I am pregnant, due August 1st. I am interested in having birth pictures done. I was hoping you have availability around that time. Please feel free to email me anytime I am always checking it so it is a great way to communicate. Thank you!

June 14, 2013 - 9:39 am

Kristi klee - Hi I am due around aug 26 with a little girl and I’m looking for someone to take newborn baby photos. Although we will likely pictures, we want to own the rights to the pictures as that’s what we did with our first son. Would you be available, how much wood as a newborn session with right to the pictures cost.

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